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JW Leary Junior High

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Welcome Back from Principal Oliver




It is finally here.  The building is prepared and so are the teachers and our staff.  We have been working very hard since the end of last year to prepare for the opening of school this year and I am happy to report that we are ready to go.


As you begin this new year, please remember that we are all here to help your students.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of our teachers, counselors or me.  The only issue we can’t help you with is one that we aren’t aware of.


I would also like to remind everyone about the importance of being at school.  Regular attendance at school is one of the key predictors for success. So when you are scheduling appointments, vacations, and athletic events please make sure to avoid missing school at all costs.  We understand that some things are unavoidable but would as that you try to minimize absences from school.


As this new journey together starts, I hope you share the same sense of excitement that I do.  Each new school year is a chance to start anew. Starting today we all have the chance to reinvent ourselves as teachers, principals, parents, and students.  The possibilities for this school year endless and I am thrilled to be a part of your student's journey.


Welcome back to school JW Leary!!!!

Mr. Alan Oliver