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JW Leary Junior High

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Important Information about the Summer School and Grade 8 Acceleration Programs

If you received this Summer School letter or Acceleration letter with your child's progress report, we need your feedback!
For the Summer School Program this year, children that need to attend will have the option of:
  • The traditional learning that takes place on the EdMentum platform (a self-paced program);
  • A combination of the EdMentum platform (important items in the self-paced program) and Project Based Learning (active, hands-on work completing real-world content related projects).

So that we can prepare for adequate staffing please let the school know if your child needs to attend Summer School and which option they would prefer by entering information in the survey by June 3, 2022 using This links to the Form 


For the Acceleration Program this year, children need the following requirements to attend: 

  • Students can accelerate in Math (Algebra) and Science (Earth Science);
  • Students cannot accelerate in science without also accelerating in math. They may accelerate in math without science;
  • Students must have at least a 90 average in Math and Science after the 3rd quarter of Grade 7 to be eligible;
  • Students may not be absent more than 9 days in the first 3 quarters of Grade 7.

We want our students to take advantage of the rigorous programming we offer but it is important to have all of the information when making such decisions as a family. If the decision is made for your child to participate in acceleration program please submit the application to the guidance office by June 7, 2022 using this  Application Form

Thank you!