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Academic Programs

English 40 Weeks  English 40 Weeks
Social Studies 40 Weeks  Social Studies 40 Weeks
Math 40 Weeks  Math 40 Weeks
Science 40 Weeks  Science 40 Weeks
  Modern Language (French or Spanish) 40 Weeks
Physical Education 40 Weeks  Physical Education 40 Weeks 
Art 20 Weeks  Health 20 Weeks 
Family and Consumer Sciences 20 Weeks  Technology 20 Weeks
Music 20 Weeks  
Technology 20 Weeks  

2022-2023 Supply lists for 7th and 8th grade


Students read at least one full-length novel with their class and read several novels independently. (New York State suggests a total of 25 novels per year.) Class activities emphasize reading literature and nonfiction for comprehension and analysis. Students explore various types of writing at each level. Ongoing writing activities include reader response writings, poetry, reflective journals, research based writing and expository essays.

Social Studies

Grade 7: Students explore America’s roots in European and in Native American cultures, and examine the development of our nation through the Jackson years. This includes an in-depth study of the U.S. Constitution and government at the federal, state and local levels.

Grade 8: Students continue a chronological study of westward expansion in the United States, the Civil War and Reconstruction, Industrial Era, Immigration’s impact on America, the United States’ relationship with the world, including the wars of the twentieth century.


The Mathematics Department offers two levels for each year’s students; the grade appropriate Regents level course and the accelerated Honors course. Math labs are scheduled for both grade levels to provide practice and concept review. Grade 8 Honors students take the Algebra regents course.  The New York State regents exam in Algebra is the final exam.


Grade 7: Students explore the life sciences, and study the classification of organisms. This includes the life activities and interactions of organisms.

Grade 8: Students explore the physical sciences; chemistry and physics. This involves the investigation of matter and energy, as well as their relationship.

Grade 8 Honors students take the Earth Science Regents course, an investigation of astronomy, meteorology, geology and paleontology. The New York State Regents exam in Earth Science is the final exam.

Family and Consumer Sciences

This grade 7 & 8 course helps students develop skills which lead to effective decision making, problem solving and management in the home, school, community and work place.


This grade 8 course guides students through a progression of modules that will help them define technology in their lives, develop problem solving abilities and make connections with other disciplines in real world situations.

Students also investigate the world of work, explore career options and develop personal skills intended to enhance employment potential in the future.

Physical Education

All students are required to take physical education. The curriculum is designed to help students to increase their fitness level as well as develop a healthy life style. Physical education is offered on an every other day basis for the entire school year.

A written doctor’s excuse is required when a student is unable to participate due to a medical reason. Please contact the school nurse for assistance if your child needs a medical excuse from physical education. Students who are excused from physical education may be required to complete an alternate activity arranged by the physical education teacher.


Students are able to meet their music requirements by participating in band, chorus, orchestra, or by completing a 10 week general music course.

Band and orchestra students meet as full rehearsal groups and receive individual or small group lessons. Chorus students meet on an every other day basis. All three performing groups give a concert twice during the school year. Once committed to a performing group, students must remain as part of that group for a minimum of 20 weeks.

General music classes meet daily for 20 weeks.
Tiered Intervention
Services in the form of are provided to all children not meeting grade level for ELA or Math. Intervention follows the JW Leary Building Response to Intervention plan attached here

Response to Intervention (RtI) is an early detection, prevention, and support system that attempts to identify and assist struggling students with appropriate levels of intervention. It is a framework for making instructional decisions based on data, and consists of four components:

  1. Universal screening using an assessment tool
  2. Identification and placement of students into three tiers of instruction based on their respective needs for intervention
  3. Interventional instruction as appropriate for each student’s tier
  4. Continual monitoring to check progress and ensure compliance

Additionally, the development and fluency of basic math skills are crucial components of RtI, especially for Tier 3 students who may lack a critical foundation of mastered math facts.

Students are categorized into three tiers within the RtI framework. According to researchers, the three tiers are as follows: